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Bodyline and offbrand! Everything cheap!Collapse )

Feedback can be found here
I ship from Seattle, WA. If you live close by, a physical transaction can be made.
I live in a pet-free, smoke-free environment. I'm allergic to both myself... > 3<;
All prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or PP fees.
Priority goes to first to leave paypal.
Feel free to refer to them by number if you don't want to type it out.

Everything here is up for trade, make me an offer!

1. Bodyline Punk asymmetrical blouse.

Proof photo

Asking $15 + shipping, or up for trade.
Sorry for the weird lighting/blur, I just can't get the boyfriend's camera to cooperate. :/

Length 56-65cm
Bust 102cm
shoulder length 42cm
sleeve length 61cm

sizes from site, and it's sold out in this size

This is a shirt a Lolita/Punk friend of mine gave me a while ago because it was too small for her. Punk really isn't my style, though, and I just don't have anything it'll work with.

2.Bodyline punk peter-pan collared bunny blouse.


Asking $15 + shipping or up for trade.
Mine is in pink.
This i bought because it was the cheapest blouse on the site at the time ( I went a little bodyline happy with one of their earlier shipping sales :/)

Once again, punk isn't really my style, but I loved the bunny on it.

3. Pirate/punk tie-on bustle

This was made for me in a gothic lolita craft swap (why does everyone keep giving me punk things? :/)
It's cute, but I don't even have an overskirt, or anything that this would work with. Bother.
Asking $5 + shipping, or a trade.

4 and 5. 2 country straw hats, floral ribbon and yellow sunflower.

These were also given to me by a friend, but they're a bit small on my head. I'd love to trade them for other straw hats especially, since they were for a country coord, but make any offers. :D
Asking $5 a piece + shipping or trade.

6. Handmade floral head bow

Handmade for me in a lolita craft swap. The fabric and lace are nice, but it's very orange-hued, and that's my least favorite color. I really don't have anything to go with it. :/
Asking $3 + shipping or a trade.

7. Secret Shop rose socks

I love these, but they really don't fit me. I have abnormally large calves for my size 6 feet, so they really just aren't comfortable.
I bought these from another comm_sales user, and tried them on once. They acquired some slight wear from her use.
Asking $10 + shipping or a trade.

Feel free to ask questions! Thanks for looking!

Attention Seattle-area Lolitas!

For those of you who aren't on the wa_loli local community, we wanted to let you know, we now have a weekly stitch-n-bitch!

Come join us Wednesday nights from 5pm-10pm at Bluebird homemade ice cream and coffeehouse in Capitol Hill.
Feel free to bring any sort of craft project along, or any board games/handheld video games, and other stuff you feel like playing with that night.
We'll be meeting every week, and would love to see it grow.

Here's the link on Google maps. Feel free to pm me or comment if you have any questions or problems finding it.
http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Bluebird near Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA&hl=en&ll=47.607031,-122.316284&spn=0.032175,0.073814&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=21.875644,75.585938&vpsrc=0&hq=Bluebird&hnear=Capitol Hill, Seattle, King, Washington&t=m&z=14

(sorry for the huge-normous link)

TL;DR: Weekly Seattle meetup on Wednesday nights 5-10pm, Bluebird coffeehouse in Cap Hill! Woot!
Project Title : Bunny-eared AP style omni-hoodie
Short Project Description:
I know knitting is pretty uncommon here, but I still thought you guys might be interested, and I'm doing some pattern drafting. I love brand hoodies/cardigans, but I wanted to knit my own in every color. As it turns out, a plain, super-basic hoodie pattern in stockinette doesn't exist, so I'm making one up! :D
Including the hood and bunny ears. Then you can add lace, appliques, intarsia, or whatever you wish to make it brand-esque and awesome!
Projected Deadline: Meh
Pattern(s) Used:
A drafting article and two pullover patterns for reference. The rest is all me.
Materials needed:
Sax blue One Pound yarn ball. Size 6 needles. Cotton crochet lace. Buttons. Pure awesome.
Challenges or obstacles : I've never made a pattern before. >_<
Now I sound like a noob, lol. However, I'm a damn good knitter, I've mastered everything in the basic and intermediate knitting categories, and I've regauged several patterns because I'm lazy/cheap. Wish me luck!


 Man, I still have so much to do after all this time!

We've been in the new place for two weeks as of today, and our living room still looks like a big pile of boxes.

I still don't have all of my clothes put away, my camera, sunglasses, DS lite, and gawd knows what else are all MIA, and we're on the verge of flat broke. Moving into Seattle is harsh!

But everything is one step at a time, and the bedroom is shaping up really nicely.

Our luck's been pretty bad overall, with Scott's old job dumping him two days after he put in his two weeks notice (rude!), then his new job having him start four days late. Two weeks missing pay hit us hard. @o@

Then my hard drive gets fried in the move, followed by Scott's keyboard, followed by my keyboard, and we already had to buy a desk for the two of us that would fit in the bedroom! 
Then Scott catches a cold, and has to take time off work again, and I think I'm catching it now. -choo!-
I just want life to stop being so melodramatic and go back to being lifey, but at least we have a nice bedroom setup, scott's feeling better, and his parents were kind enough to give us a small loan to cover us until Scott gets a full paycheck. 
Maybe the universe doesn't hate us.


So, my body line order from a while ago has led to general disappointment, because one dress swallows me up and looks awful, the other busted a zipper (but was really cute! ;-;), and the earmuffs immediately fell apart on the first few wears. After two months, I literally had to throw them away. I tried to fix them three different times, and ended up making it worse. :/

However, I'm still re3ally happy with and in love with the FanplusFriend dress Holly bought me the christmas before last, and now they have another dress I'm super in love with. I'm going to save up for it, as soon as I've bought myself a good UV lamp for nail art.

No Camera! D:

Argh! I lost the charger to my camera, and the battery in it now is dead! It's been lost for a while, and I've looked everywhere! I can't blog/take pics/post to poupeegirl/trade stuff on EGL sales until I find it again, and it's driving me crazy! I just hope I didn't forget it during a convention or something awful like that. :p

I have so much nail art/outfit posts/clothing pieces/crafts/event pics I want to document! Why, lil snappy, why?!
I did not know true cold until this day; sat on a ceramic toilet seat at the ice rink. D:
Joe took away my hot sauce... ;-;